This is a project I wanted to do for a while now as I was interested to learn more about the fluid interactions (merging) of elements and how they can generate forms – metaballs. The metaballs are organic-looking three-dimensional objects, mostly created virtually, however planar (two-dimensional) implementations are possible as well. The closest thing in real life to the creation of metaballs is the merging of water drops. Grasshopper 3D offers these metaballs to be studied, because it gives great control over the form and the strength of the interaction. Until now I had no experience producing such geometry so I used the following video as a guide. Link to video  I was familiar with the project in the video – Spanish Pavilion for Expo Shanghai 2010 by EMBT so I have decided to push my experiment further and also recreate the frame structure and the cladding as well as simple animation of the process.

For more about the Spanish Pavilion by EMBT follow the link.
Metaball Composite

Metaball animation. Click to replay.