Wavy roof – Structuring and Panelling

This is the beginning of my Mediterranean VillaIt all started after I saw many parametric designs based on waffle or rib scripts like Zmianatematu by xm3 , Metropol Parasol by J. Mayer H. and China’s pavilion for Milan 2015 expo to feature wavy roof and indoor crop field (which has amazing visualisations). Of course the work on all these projects go far beyond simply slicing some curved geometry. There are thing like integrating seating areas or shelves in the Zmiantematu project , developing the load-bearing structure in the Metropol Parasol and the idea behind the roof lofting of China’s pavilion which makes these projects innovative and unique. However my interest was simply creating base definition to create wavy structure from premodelled plane with specific thresholds. Caution: Please do not attempt to build the roof terrace. All the decisions I made regarding the design were completely based on aesthetics reasons. The following definition allows changes of the elements’ dimensions to be made relatively easy, so I believe an actual stable structure can be build after some distances and thicknesses were reconsidered.

Veranda 3D Veranda Exploded Axo

Curved Roof