Isihlangu Towers

So recently I finished working on my first competition entry and I didn’t want to post anything about it before the results were released. Today’s morning was the ‘judgement day’. My team didn’t win and we could have done more, but that was our best for the given time and circumstances. However it is worth mentioning the level of our work was really close to the winning student prize project (link – it’s third one from top to bottom) and I am really happy about that, considering this was my first ever competition entry. It was great fun these 2 months and learned a lot  about cross-laminated timber systems , highrises and public housing – things I never had the chance to work on during my undergraduate studies. Now is time to make my conclusions and prepare maybe for another competition in future.

***UPDATE:  I am happy to announce that our work will be included in a poster exhibition next year. I will post more information before the launch of the exhibition.

Team Merchants – Tsvetan Hristov and Vlassis Ntaoulias

C1 Treehousing Durban__Page_1
C1 Treehousing Durban__Page_2C1 Treehousing Durban__Page_3C1 Treehousing Durban__Page_4

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