Mediterranean Villa

Dates: April – June 2015

Here are some fresh renders from my latest project. I started the project to learn how to create wavy structure on Grasshopper which I really enjoyed so then decided it deserves some nice visualisations apart from the standard diagrammatic visuals. For more on the roof structure go to Wavy roof – structuring and panelling. Later I found that I have spend more time on the renders than creating the actual terrace roof, which was mostly because I tried to take my render material to the next level. More visualisations are yet to be rendered – daytime view, which will put more accent on the roof structure and some crops of the materials only. So here is the making of the night view.

Image composition
Image composition

The layers are not quite visible yet, but my intentions were to have some dark object out of focus in the foreground,then the main parts where the columns are to be in focus contrasting the foreground and some desaturated image at the back to give some context.

Lights and context
Lights,context and detailing

Lights and context list of changes:
– Bottom right area was a bit plain so the swimming pool was remodelled and vases were added
– The lights intensity was increased , because including textures later would make them look dull
– New ground tiles
– It took so long the tree actually had the time to grow

Final render

Final render list of changes:
– Roof tiles added
– Wall,ground tiles and water materials were tweaked
– Rembrandt paintings
– More UVW mapping to avoid tiling
– Tree spotlights were modelled
– One more tree grew

Mediterranean Villa_Night_080615
Post processed image_Night
Mediterranean Villa_Daytime_150615
Post processed image_Daytime


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